28 August 2009

Ramadhan Bazaar

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In conjunction with the Muslims’ fasting month of Ramadan, the Ramadan Bazaar is organised throughout the country. This bustling evening bazaar offers sumptuous delicacies for the breaking of fast. The official launch will be held along the popular Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman. Visitors can sample delicious treats and watch the cooking demonstration of ‘bubur lambuk’, a savoury porridge that will be highlighted as Kuala Lumpur’s ‘signature fare’.

Date: 22 August - 19 September 2009
Venue: Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman, Kuala Lumpur
Phone: 603 2617 6273
Fax: 603 2698 3819
Organiser: Kuala Lumpur Tourism Action Council / Kuala Lumpur City Hall

Qur’anic Recitation In Ramadhan

The Qur’anic recitation throughout the month of Ramadhan will be led by the Imams from the National Mosque. The recitation of the full Quran should be completed a week before Eid. Open to public.

Date: 15 August - 12 September 2009
Venue: Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur
Phone: +603 2274 2020
Email: info@iamml.org.my
Website: www.iamm.org.my

27 August 2009

Mosques in Germany

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A unique addition to the permanent 12 galleries, the exhibition shows German mosques in their urban context, their interiors, the atmosphere at Friday prayers, imams, children, women and men. For his photographs, taken in March and April 2008, Wilfried Dechau visited a mosque a week for eight weeks. These were as different as possible, as representative as possible, as well spread out as possible within Germany.

Date: 10 July - 9 September 2009
Venue: Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur
Phone: +603 2274 2020
Email: info@iamml.org.my
Website: http://www.iamm.org.my/

23 August 2009

The Premier Cup Series Horse Show 2009 Putrajaya

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The Equestrian Park at Putrajaya showcases The Premier Cup Series Horse Show. Two horse events will be held, horse jumping and dressage during the following dates:
1st series- 18-21 June, 2009.

2nd series-1-4 October, 2009

Date: 18 June - 4 October 2009
Venue: Taman Ekustrian Presint 5, Putrajaya
Phone: 03-8888 6080
Fax: 03-8888 8699
Website: http://www.premiercup.com.my/
Organiser: ARL Promotions Sdn. Bhd.

2009 Waterski & Wakeboard Championship

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2nd round:
12-14 June, 2009

3rd round:
17-18 October, 2009

4th round:
5-6 December, 2009

Date: 12 June - 6 December 2009
Venue: Water Sports Complex, Putrajaya
Phone: 03-8887 7000
Fax: 03-8887 5001
Website: http://www.ppj.gov.my/
Organiser: Waterski & Wakeboard World Cup Sdn. Bhd. & Perbadanan Putrajaya

Colours of Malaysia 2009

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This year’s celebration, shall take us on a colourful journey throughout this
extraordinarily diverse country. Malaysia's premier cultural extravaganza is back to dazzle and entertain locals and visitors alike. Colours of Malaysia is a cornucopia of spectacular traditional performances, colourful parades as well as exquisite arts and crafts. Plenty of activities have been prepared for this year’s Colours of Malaysia throughout the country that shall portray the image of ‘Malaysia Truly Asia’.

Date: 21 March - 31 December 2009
Venue: Nationwide
Phone: 603 2693 7111
Fax: 603 2694 1146
Email: info@motour.gov.my
Website: http://www.motour.gov.my/
Organiser: Ministry of Tourism, Malaysia

13 August 2009

Local Fruits Exhibition

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Date: 1 - 31 August 2009
Venue: Monsopiad Cultural Village, Sabah
Phone: 6088-774337
Fax: 6088-761680
Email: info@monsopiad.com

12 August 2009

Shadow vs Alunan Minang (wayang kulit and cak lempong)

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Experience a world of different cultural influences at the Malaysian Tourism Centre (MaTIC). Performances start at 8.30pm -10.30pm. Entrance is free.

Date: 15 August 2009
Venue: MaTIC, Kuala Lumpur
Phone: 603 9235 4848 / 9235 4900
Website: http://www.mtc.gov.my/
Organiser: MaTIC

Merdeka Month Celebration

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The date marks a commemoration of Malaysia’s 52nd year of Independence, celebrated in a joyous mood by all Malaysians. Highlights include parades, fireworks displays and much more! Join in the merriment!

Date: 1 - 31 August 2009
Venue: ALL
Phone: 603 2612 7600
Fax: 603 2693 5114
Email: info@heritage.gov.my
Website: http://www.heritage.gov.my/
Organiser: Ministry of Information, Communication and Culture

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