20 September 2008

World Tourism Day 2008

27 September 2008

Every 27 September has been declared as World Tourism Day by the World Tourism Organization (WTO) under United Nations. Langkawi celebrates by organizing various fun activities and competitions according to the theme aet by WTO for each year.

Tourism Langkawi
Tel : 604-9698080

19 September 2008

'Moh, Balik Kampung!' to Homestay Bagan Datoh

BAGAN DATOH, 9 August 2008 – It was like going back to your hometown after being away working in the city for too long. It is a place where time seems to stand still, and everyday’s life in the village is an easy and relaxing one.

Bagan Datoh, developed more than 100 years ago, is a beautiful traditional village surrounded by a picturesque coconut farm with a rich and proud ethnics heritage. Malays, Chinese and Indians create the social fabrics of Bagan Datoh society, where the traditional practice in culture is still very much alive, all sharing the outgoing and warm hospitality Bagan Datoh is well known for.

This is immediately evident upon the visitors’ arrival as they are greeted by the welcoming beats of rebana (small kompangs, Malay drums) and singing along to Pukul Lekun. Even the excited makciks and pakciks (literal Malay translation for 'aunties' and 'uncles') will come up and bersalam (greet) with the visitors, who will soon be their foster children.

Visitors will also get to enjoy an interesting line up of cultural dance performances to keep everyone entertained: Tarian Dabus, an extreme form of dance where dancers use sharp objects to stab themselves without feeling any pain; Tarian Lenggok, a dance with delicate moves that was performed once upon a time to entertain the kings; and Tarian Zapin, which is complemented with traditional instruments like gong, rebana and gendang.

If you are lucky, you will also get to witness the famous Tarian Bubu, a traditional dance hailing from Perak about 120 years ago. Although this dance is famous since olden times as a mere entertainment to the tired workers, it is hard to turn away from the mystical myths that shadow the dance. Such myths include that of the mermaids, the spirit of a mother who died during childbirth, the fisherman who lost his daughter, and three youngsters who got lost in the jungle.

Bagan Datoh is also known as the ‘Coconut Paradise’, the heart of Perak’s coconut industry, and noted as the nation’s highest quality coconut producer. With that, they are known for their Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO), which is said to possess a wide range of health benefits, such as reducing health diseases like stroke, stomach ulcers and diabetes, improving digestions, increasing the metabolism rate that promotes weight loss, and many more.

There are all sorts of VCO products for your everyday needs: food supplements, massage oil, lotion, night cream, cleansing soap and hair tonic.

Take up some new skills while you are with the residents of Bagan Datoh by learning how to weave ketupat pouches and serunai (whistles made solely from banana leaves), make ropes from the trunks of banana trees, and scrape coconut skins from the shells. Who knows? It could be a gateway to start a new business of your own.

Homestay Bagan Datoh was established by YB Datuk Seri Dr Hj Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, Bagan Datoh’s Member of Parliament and officially opened by YAB Datuk Seri Najib Tun Abdul Razak, Deputy Prime Minister on January 26, 2006. Made up of 13 villages in the districts of Hilir Perak, Homestay Bagan Datoh is the biggest homestay in Malaysia. At Homestay Bagan Datoh, there are 100 homes/families available facilitated with hospitality, food, activities and village (kampung) tours.

If you get the chance, spend a night or two at Encik Daim’s house in Kampung Sungai Haji Muhammad. His is an authentic traditional Malay house, which has been around for a hundred years! Though seasoned, the house is still neatly kept with ample space and rooms to house many guests willing to experience the authentic kampung lifestyle. Other than that, Encik Daim has a few persevered artefacts hidden under his sleeves – or under his roof, in this case: a 100-year-old iron-framed bed, a pair of spears from the olden days, gambus, gong, and a vintage radio made in the 1960s, which is still working! See if you have any luck tuning into airwaves from yesteryear.

Bagan Datoh is located about 150KM from Kuala Lumpur. The village is accessible by any means of road transport, such as taxi and bus services from Kuala Lumpur. The three-hour journey is an enjoyable experience in local flavours, sights and sounds.

For further information, please contact:
Homestay Bagan Datoh
d/a, Pejabat Penghulu Mukim Bagan Datoh,
36100 Bagan Datoh, Perak
Tel: +6 05 646 6829
Fax: +6 05 646 8461

KL Marketing Officer:
En. Osman Hamzah
HP: +6 019 226 0748 / +6 019 549 9777 / +6 019 526 5564 / +6 019 460 8115
Email saedbagandatoh@yahoo.com


12 September 2008

Hari Raya Aidil Fitri

1 October 2008 Until 2 October 2008

A day to rejoice after a month long fast, Muslims nationwide celebrate in colourful traditional attire, having open houses offering an array of delicious food fare and cookies. Everyone is welcomed to join in the harmonious celebration and revel in the joyous mood.

Phone: 603 2612 7600
Fax: 603 2693 5114
Website: http://www.heritage.gov.my/
Organiser:Ministry of Culture, Arts & Heritage, Malaysia

10 September 2008

Times Bookstores Pavillion KL 1st Year Anniversary Celebration

20 - 28 September 2008

Events & Activities in Time bookstore, Pavilion KL

Date: 20 September 2008, Saturday
2.00 pm Story Telling for Children at Children's Corner
3.30 pm Arts and Crafts for Children at Children's Corner
3.30 pm Healthy Skin and Aesop by Dr. Rohi at Events Area
4.30 pm Experience Aesop: The Luxurious Sensory Hand Massage at Members' Louge

Date: 21 September 2008, Sunday
1.30 pm Story Telling for Children at Children's Corner
3.00 pm Arts and Crafts for Children at Children's Corner
3.30 pm Experience Aesop: The Luxurious Sensory Hand Massage

Date: 27 September 2008, Saturday
12 noon Arts and Crafts for Children at Children's Corner
3.30 pm Muhibbah Deserts Demonstration by Taylor's School of Hospitality and Tourism at Events Area

Date: 28 September 2008, Sunday
12 noon Arts and Crafts for Children at Children's Corner

Limited seats available for all the events stated above. Please email us at times_event@tpg.com.my for registration or call us at 03-5628 6999/ 6963 for enquiries.

Time/Venue: Times bookstore, Pavilion KL

ATMAH Motor Treasure Hunt

20 - 21 September 2008

ATMAH stands for Action To Mobilise All Humanity, which is a non-profit organisation that began in August 2001 to overcome the urgent social problems affecting the urban hard-core poor amongst all Malaysians.
These problems include youth’s involvement in crime and juvenile delinquency such as petty theft, drug abuse, alcoholism and dropping out of school at an early age.
As part of their fundraising drive, ATMAH, with the cooperation of Wire & Wire Products will be having the Wire & Wire - ATMAH Motor Treasure Hunt on 20 - 21 September.
The starting point will be Bandar Sunway and will end in Penang. Entry fee is only RM165 per person, which includes hotel, dinner and breakfast. Plus, each car/team will received a RM50 petrol voucher sponsored by Shell Malaysia.
For further details, please call 017 313 1136 or visit website.

Website: http://atmah-hunt.org/treasure_hunt08/index.html
From:Sat Sep 20, 2008
To:Sun Sep 21, 2008
Address:Start at Bandar Sunway; Secretariat address - No. 1, Jln Awan Kemawan, Taman Yarl, Kuala Lumpur
Tel:017 313 1136
Entry Fees:RM165 per person
Advance Booking:Yes

08 September 2008

Mid-Autumn Lights

2 - 14 September 2008
Date : 2-14th of September 2008
Venue: Sunway Pyramid - Jusco at LG2 Blue Concourse and Yong Sheng at LG2 at East Wing (In Front of Giant)
come and check out great mooncakes promotion @ Jusco at LG2 Blue Concourse and Yong Sheng at LG2 at East Wing (In Front of Giant)

Arts & Crafts with Pelikan at Times

6 - 14 September 2008

Come and join Times Bookstore for a fun and exciting session where your kids get to learn to do their own creative arts and crafts with Pelikan products. This event will be held on 6 - 7 September & 13 - 14 September 2008 (Saturday & Sunday) at 12.00 noon and will be held at the Children Corner, Times Bookstores Pavilion. Entrance is Free.

From:Sat Sep 6, 2008
To:Sun Sep 14, 2008
Time:12.00 noon
Address:Pavilion KL, Lot 6.49, Level 6, Lot 168, Jalan Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur
Tel:03 2148 8813
Entry Fees:Free
Advance Booking:No

A Taste of Salsa

13 September 2008

Calling all young KL-ites. Looking to learn a wee bit of salsa? No, not the sauce. The dance. If you answered 'Yes' then this is definitely up your alley. The Rotaract Club of Kuala Lumpur is putting together a free salsa class for people ranging between the age of 18 to 30. The session will be led by guest instructor Jeamie Lee, an experienced Latin dancer with the SalsaJay group. So get ready to learn some spins and shake the night away.

From:Sat Sep 13, 2008
To:Sat Sep 13, 2008
Address:Shangri-La Hotel, 11, Jalan Sultan Ismail, KL.
Contact :Anuradha, Kavita
Tel:016 254 6995 / 016 259 3818
E-mail:Contact Us
Entry Fees:Free
Advance Booking:Yes

Silverfish Writers' Forum

13 September 2008

The next meeting of the Silverfish Writers' Forum will be on Saturday, 13 September 2008 at 2.30pm (since the first Saturday of September has been taken up by the launch of Matthew Thomas’ book Tales from the Court and other stories). As usual three people will read their works and present them for criticism and comment. This free forum is held on the first Saturday of each month (as long as interest lasts) and is open to all.The intention for this Writers' Forum is for it to become a monthly meeting for aspiring creative writers in English to read their works, request feedback, network, form their own splinter writers' groups, and to share their stories with others having similar interests.

This session is ideal for you if:
1. You write short fiction, biography or travelogues
2. You have unpublished short stories, biographies or travelogues of around 2000-3000 words to share
3. You crave constructive criticism on your writing to help you improve
4. You want to continue writing till you die
5. You are willing to work hard to improve your writing
6. You are passionate about writing
7. You intend to write enough stories for a whole book (not a one-story-in-ten-years writer)
8. You are thick-skinned and resilient and not afraid of criticism

This session may be a waste of time for you if:
1. You want to write mainly to make money
2. You only want to be a writer but you are not interested in the hard work (or you merely intend to be famous for being famous)
3. You are not open to criticism of your writing
4. You are not willing to share your stories.
5. You are not interested in reading many different genres and authors
6. You think being a writer is all about glamour
7. You think your writing is already perfect
8. You have a weak heart
9. You like to dominate events by not allowing anyone else to speak (or present their stuff)
10. You think it's all about you, you, you and you.

From:Sat Sep 13, 2008
To:Sat Sep 13, 2008
Time:2.30 pm - 4.30 pm
Address:58-1 Jalan Telawi, Bangsar Baru, 59100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel:03 2284 4837
Entry Fees:Free Admission
Advance Booking:No

Embracing the Arts

12 September 2008

Experience an enchanting evening of a musical passage and indulge in the sights and sounds of the night Embracing the Arts. This charity night is in aid of the Tunku Azizah Fertility Foundation (TAFF) and will have two wonderful performances for your enjoyment. The critically acclaimed Samuel J. Dass, will be entrancing audiences with his wonderful sitar playing. He will be followed by Geetha Shankaran Lam, who used to co-dance with the Sutra Dance Company.For further details, contact Jaya 017 6495 796, Veronica 014 6290 512 & Nigel 016 6528 483 or visit website.

Date:Fri Sep 12, 2008
Time:7.30 pm
Address:Civic Centre Auditorium (Dewan Sivik), Jalan Yong Shook Lin, Petaling Jaya
Tel:Jaya 017 6495 796, Veronica 014 6290 512 & Nigel 016 6528 483
Entry Fees:RM50, RM100, RM200
Advance Booking:Yes

02 September 2008

Natee Utarit Solo Exhibition

3 September 2008 until 27 September 2008

Thailand leading artist Natee Utarit will be having his solo exhibition in Kuala Lumpur at the Valentine Willie Fine Art gallery from 3 - 27 September. Come and see the wonderful artwork of this gifted painter first hand. Entry is free.

Website: http://www.vwfa.net/
Time:12pm - 8pm Monday to Friday, and 12pm - 6pm Saturday. Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays.
Address:Valentine Willie Fine Art, 1st Floor, 17 Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar Baru, 59100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel:03 2284 2348
Entry Fees:Free

51st Merdeka Tea Reception 2008

4 September 2008

A grand tea reception hela at the picturesque Eagle Square as part of the celebration of Malaysia’s Independence Day. Tourist and local folks from all walks of life are all invited to attend and sample many of the local fares served.

Langkawi Municipal Council Office & Langkawi District Office
Tel : 604-9666590

Ramadan Bazaar

1 September 2008 Until 30 September 2008

During the month of Ramadan, bazaars (food stalls) will be set up throughout the whole country. Savour the wonderful smells and sights!


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