16 December 2010


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A truly spectacular event, Thaipusam is an annual Hindu festival where devotees perform various rituals as acts of devotion and penance. The main venue is the world-renowned Batu Caves temple.

Date: 29 January 2011
Venue: Batu Caves, Selangor
Phone: 603 - 61896284
Fax: 603 - 61872404
Email: batu_caves@yahoo.com
Organiser: Batu Caves Hindu Association

15 December 2010

Royal Langkawi International Regatta

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Catch the live action as yachts from various countries contend on the high seas! This prestigious event draws the participation of yachtsmen and sailors from across the region.

Date: 11 - 15 January 2011
Venue: Langkawi, Kedah
Phone: 604 966 4078
Fax: 604 966 5078
Email: office@langkawiregatta.com
Website: www.langkawiregatta.com
Organiser: Royal Langkawi Yacht Club (RLYC)

14 December 2010

International Surfing Competition

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Sun, sea and surf! Cherating Beach beckons surfers with its fabulous wind, waves, and views. The monsoon season is a fantastic time for action and adventure.

Date: 7 - 9 January 2011
Venue: Cherating, Kuantan, Pahang
Phone: 09-517 1111/1112
Fax: 09-514 6900
Organiser: Pahang State Office, Ministry of Tourism

13 December 2010


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The Christmas spirit is made merrier with Malaysia's tropical weather and friendly people. Visitors will be spoilt for choice as there are many restaurants, bistros, shopping malls and hotels that offer great promotions planned specially for the occasion. Join in the celebration and have a sunny Christmas in Malaysia!

Date: 25 December 2010
Venue: Throughout Malaysia

12 December 2010

Fabulous Food 1Malaysia - Street Food Festival

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Irresistible aromas, delicious tastes and lip-smacking flavours! Malaysia's street food is reputed to be among the best in the region. From spicy, subtle to sweet, the different tastes of local food will leave you absolutely delighted! Be adventurous and titillate your taste buds in this great festival!

Date: 1 - 24 December 2010
Venue: Throughout Malaysia
Phone: 03-2693 7111
Fax: 03-2691 3358
Email: info@motour.gov.my
Website: www.motour.gov.my/en/perkhidmatan/kalendar-aktiviti/details/75.html
Organiser: Ministry of Tourism

12 March 2010

Penang Go-Kart & Food Festival 2010

pic source: http://www.visitpenang.gov.my

Held in the heart of Penang featuring the best of both Penang food and Penang parties. Having a reputation as a food paradise, be it haute cuisine, or cuisine bourgeoise (hawker fare), Penang offers a heady and exotic mix of delicious cuisine to choose from. One of the dish available at our Penang Food Festival 2010 is the famous Penang Char Koay Teow

Date: 13 - 14 March 2010
Venue: Esplanade, George Town, Penang
Phone: +604-6505136
Website: http://www.visitpenang.gov.my/

11 March 2010

MATTA Fair 2010

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MATTA FAIR IS BACK!!The most awaited and anticipated travel fair of the year returns with loads of offers from hundred of exhibitors. Don't miss this magnificent event which comes twice a year.

Date: 12 - 14 March 2010
Venue: Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC), Kuala Lumpur
Phone: 603-92876881
Fax: 603-92876880 / 9287 3881
Website: http://mattafair.org.my
Organiser: Malaysian Association of Tour and Travel Agents (MATTA)

10 March 2010

KL Sunday 1Malaysia Family Fair

pic source: http://amdtaufik.com/malaysia/?p=567

The KL Sunday 1Malaysia Family Fair is set to be a great event for everyone, both locals and tourists. This weekend affair showcases a variety of interesting activities. Bring your whole family!

Date: 6 March - 25 December 2010
Venue: Malaysia Tourism Centre (MaTiC), Kuala Lumpur
Phone: 03-2693 7111
Fax: 03-2691 3358
Email: info@motour.gov.my
Website: www.motour.gov.my
Organiser: Ministry of Tourism

09 March 2010

Malaysia GP Sale

Fantastic bargains and discounts are awaiting shoppers in this nationwide sale carnival. Held to complement the hottest race in the country, the sale offers unbeatable offers and sizzling hot deals on everything from fashion, electronics, accessories and many more.

Date: 6 March - 11 April 2010
Venue: Throughout Malaysia
Phone: 03-2615 8188
Fax: 03-2692 2953
Email: enq-megasales@tourism.gov.my
Website: http://www.tourism.gov.my/gpsale/
Organiser: Shopping Malaysia Secretariat, Tourism Malaysia

08 March 2010

Sabah Cultural Hot Spot

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Held for the the third consecutive year, the National Department for Culture and Arts, Sabah will be organising an event entitled "Sabah Culture Hot Spot" on the first Saturday of every month throughout 2010. The event will kick off on 6 March onwards highlights will be showcased. This platform for local artisans aims to preserve the local cultural heritage, while creating appreciation and understanding amongst the multifarious races through a variety of activities.

Date: 6 March - 4 December 2010
Venue: Laman Seni, Wisma Budaya, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
Phone: +6088 237051 / 237052
Fax: +6088 242052
Email: info@sabahtourism.com
Website: www.jkkn.gov.my
Organiser: Ministry of Information, Communication and Culture

19 February 2010

1Malaysia Gong Xi Fa Cai Celebration

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1 Malaysia Gong Xi Fa Cai Celebration, the first-ever largest Chinese New Year Celebration in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah!

Join in this one-month CNY event starting from 22 January until 21 February 2010, with guaranteed lots of fun and excitement. There will be more than 100 festive & food stalls that provide a great opportunity for the visitors to shop during the festive month. The event also highlighted with competitions and a few performances featuring local and oversea artistes during the Official Grand Opening, CNY Eve Celebrity Countdown, Official Closing and lots more. Also, the visitors will be impressed with the lantern displayed in the shape of a dragon along Jalan Penampang, and enthralled by the colorful lanterns display, inside the event venue, KDCA.

Date : 22 January - 21 February 2010
Organiser : XPL Global Sdn Bhd
Venue : Kadazandusun Cultural Association (KDCA), Hongkod Koisaan, Penampang
Contact Person : Mr MP Ling / Ms Roseline
Telephone : +6012 753 3245 / +6012 824 4868
Email Contact : info@xplglobal.com

09 January 2010

Laman Budaya Rakyat

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The Laman Budaya Rakyat event is held every Saturday at Dataran Merdeka starting 9 January 2010. There will be perfomances, crafts, paintings, food and much more on display!

Date: 9 January - 27 November 2010
Venue: Dataran Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur
Phone: +603-2612 8315
Fax: +603-2693 5114
Website: http://www.kpkk.gov.my/lamanbudaya
Organiser: Ministry of Information, Communication and Culture

08 January 2010

Royal Langkawi International Regatta

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Gear up for lots of thrill and excitement! The Royal Langkawi International Regatta has participants coming from various countries across the Asia Pacific region. Watch the action as more than 40 yachts compete on the high seas.

Date: 8 - 15 January 2010
Venue: Langkawi
Phone: 604 966 4078
Fax: 604 966 5078
Email: office@langkawiregatta.com
Website: www.langkawiregatta.com
Organiser: Royal Langkawi Yacht Club (RLYC)

07 January 2010

Malaysia Chocolate Fair 2010

pic source

Malaysia's first dedicated chocolate fair. The Malaysia Chocolate Fair 2010 event will feature top Malaysian chocolatiers, chocolate makers, distributors, agents and manufacturers, all under one roof. Chocolate lovers will be in for a treat at the event. There’ll be local and imported chocolates, all there for you to sample, or for the weight conscious, salivate on.

There'll be fountains of chocolate, literally, chocolate-making demos, a chocolate-making competition, contests, quizzes and more. Get free entry by pre-registering online at www.chocolatefair.com.my.

Date: 8 - 10 January 2010
Time: 11am-9pm
Website: www.chocolatefair.com.my
Venue: Hall 3, Mid Valley Exhibition Centre, Mid Valley Megamall, KL

06 January 2010

10th KL Wedding Expo

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Preparing for your big day? No worries, there are lots of hands waiting to help out here. All your wedding needs serviced under one roof. There’ll be everything you need here to make sure your wedding goes smoothly – except a guarantee against bridezillas and demanding mothers-in-law, unfortunately.

Date: 7 - 10 January 2010
Time: 10am
Venue: Hall 2, Mid Valley Exhibition Centre, Mid Valley Megamall, KL.
Tel: 03 9200 3888

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