10 September 2008

ATMAH Motor Treasure Hunt

20 - 21 September 2008

ATMAH stands for Action To Mobilise All Humanity, which is a non-profit organisation that began in August 2001 to overcome the urgent social problems affecting the urban hard-core poor amongst all Malaysians.
These problems include youth’s involvement in crime and juvenile delinquency such as petty theft, drug abuse, alcoholism and dropping out of school at an early age.
As part of their fundraising drive, ATMAH, with the cooperation of Wire & Wire Products will be having the Wire & Wire - ATMAH Motor Treasure Hunt on 20 - 21 September.
The starting point will be Bandar Sunway and will end in Penang. Entry fee is only RM165 per person, which includes hotel, dinner and breakfast. Plus, each car/team will received a RM50 petrol voucher sponsored by Shell Malaysia.
For further details, please call 017 313 1136 or visit website.

Website: http://atmah-hunt.org/treasure_hunt08/index.html
From:Sat Sep 20, 2008
To:Sun Sep 21, 2008
Address:Start at Bandar Sunway; Secretariat address - No. 1, Jln Awan Kemawan, Taman Yarl, Kuala Lumpur
Tel:017 313 1136
Entry Fees:RM165 per person
Advance Booking:Yes

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