10 October 2008

FEI World Championship Challenge 2008

5 November 2008 Until 9 November 2008

After months of non-stop hoping and waiting, the FEI World Endurance Championship 2008 Organising Committee has finally confirmed the definite entries for the most awaited championship of the Endurance Sport!

142 horses and their riders from 34 countries are set to battle to become World Champion for the FEI World Endurance Championship 2008 that will be held from 6 - 9 November 2008 at the Terengganu International Endurance Park.

Now that the entries are definite, the Organising Committee is set to move to the next level, which is accomodating the horses that will be arriving to TIEP starting from the 17th till 22nd November 2008. The Organising Committee is excited and thrilled to recieve the horses coming from all parts of the world!

With participations and support from the world’s main endurance nations, Malaysia is set to host the best ever FEI WEC 2008.

Venue:Setiu, Terengganu
Phone: 609 623 1957/ 603 7713 5585
Fax: 609 622 1957/ 603 7713 5584
Email: info@arifsolutions.com
Website: http://www.tourism.terengganu.gov.my/ , http://www.malaysia-wec.com/index2.html
Organiser:Terengganu State Government/Sultan Mizan Royal Foundation/ Arif Solutions Sdn. Bhd.

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