08 March 2010

Sabah Cultural Hot Spot

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Held for the the third consecutive year, the National Department for Culture and Arts, Sabah will be organising an event entitled "Sabah Culture Hot Spot" on the first Saturday of every month throughout 2010. The event will kick off on 6 March onwards highlights will be showcased. This platform for local artisans aims to preserve the local cultural heritage, while creating appreciation and understanding amongst the multifarious races through a variety of activities.

Date: 6 March - 4 December 2010
Venue: Laman Seni, Wisma Budaya, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
Phone: +6088 237051 / 237052
Fax: +6088 242052
Email: info@sabahtourism.com
Website: www.jkkn.gov.my
Organiser: Ministry of Information, Communication and Culture

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