21 June 2008

Layang-Layang Underwater Digital Photo Shootout 2008

Date : 21 - 27 July 2008

Located 300 kilometres off the northeast coast of Sabah, Layang Layang is a 14 sq km atoll rising 2,000 metres from the depths of the South China Sea. Its coral reefs are home to a variety of marine inhabitants, from pelagic life such as schooling hammerheads, barracuda and fusiliers to tiny critters such as nudibranchs, flatworms and crustaceans. Layang Layang is an ideal location for a photo shootout contest.

Prizes over 30,000.00 USD are waiting for you

Participants stand a chance to win more than US$30,000 prizes from world class sponsors such as Nikon, Nautica and Oceanic, as well as dive trips to exotic locations.Plus you'll get a chance to meet and chat with world-renowned underwater photographers and competition judges Settimio Ciprianni, Stephen Wong, Kurt Svrcula and Rod Klein. These leading underwater photographers will also give tips on underwater photography throughout the event.

Winning pictures will be published in FiNS Magazine and the FiNS Online Blog. This is a great way for you to gain recognition in the underwater photography community.There are two categories of entry: wide and macro. Participants must have their own underwater digital cameras during the shootout.

There are limited spaces, so register soon! For more information email layang@pop.jaring.my and visit http://www.layanglayang.com/

Further Information
Organiser : Avillion Layang Layang Island Resort
Venue : Layang Layang Island, Sabah
Contact Person : Avillion Layang Layang
Telephone : +603 2162 2877
Email Contact : layang@pop.jaring.my


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