10 June 2008

Nunuk Ragang Cultural Festival

04 - 05 July 2008

The Nunuk Ragang Cultural Festival is held on the first Saturday of July every year. It is an occasion to provide the opportunity to the KDCA members as well as the Kadazandusun communities to visit the Nunuk Ragang monument. The monument is important to the Kadazandusun as its location is believed to be the place of original settlement of Kadazandusun people before they spread to the other parts of Sabah.

Organiser : KDCA Nunuk Ragang Visit Committee
Contact Person : Dr. Othman Minuddin
Telephone : +6088 713696, 019 8828817
Fax : +6088 713350, 238751
Email Contact : bovis@asia.com

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