03 February 2009

Kenyir Motocross Championship

Calling all race enthusiasts! Don’t miss this extreme sport event that attracts participants from Malaysia and around the world including Japan, Australia, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Macau, Hong Kong, China, France, Austria, New Zealand and other countries. This great event takes place in the vicinity of Lake Kenyir, the largest man-made lake in Southeast Asia.

Date: 21 - 22 February 2009
Venue: Pengkalan Gawi, Lake Kenyir, Terengganu
Phone: 609 822 3100
Fax: 609 822 3104
Email: ketengah@ketengah.gov.my
Website: www.ketengah.gov.my/kenyir
Organiser: Terengganu State Government/Central Terengganu Development Authority (KETENGAH)

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