14 February 2009

Songs of My Heart by L’espressivo Trio

Music lovers who enjoy classical, traditional, folk and modern pieces on strings and voice will have an opportunity to listen to the concert ‘Songs of My Heart' presented by the renowned L'espressivo Trio. The trio comprises of Phoon Sook Peng, the soprano and the husband-wife team Yap Ling on the violin & Viola and Grace Lee on the piano.

Date : 28 February 2009
Organiser : Prelude Music
Contact Person : Yap Ling (Music Director) / Alice (PA)
Telephone : +6088 722230 / 016 8333034 (Alice) / 016 8200355 / 012 8203733 (Yap Ling)
Fax : +6088 722230
Email Contact : preludemusic@gmail.com

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