13 February 2009

North Borneo Sacred Legacy Photographic Exhibition

The establishment and founding of the Sabah Museum was based on this special and exclusive G.C. Woolley collection. The collection was bequeathed by its collector George Catchart Woolley, a Senior British Administrator, a graduate from Queens College, Oxford to the then North Borneo Government. This superb collection has become a great legacy of Sabah's pre-colonial era that help mold and shape Sabah's current socio-cultural and socio-economic landscape. G.C. Woolley's romantic experience with the various indigenous ethnic communities will be showcased in this exhibition. Come visit and experience the legacy yourselves.

Date : 02 - 27 February 2009
Organiser : Sabah Museum
Contact Person : Datuk Joseph Pounis Guntavid
Telephone : +6088 253199
Fax : +6088 240 230
Email Contact : Muzium.Sabah@sabah.gov.my

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