03 February 2009


8 February 2009 Until 8 February 2009

A truly spectacular event, Thaipusam is an annual Hindu festival where devotees perform various rituals and carry ‘kavadis’ or ornate frames as acts of devotion and penance. The main venue is the world-renowned Batu Caves temple, set within a limestone cave. A massive crowd made up of locals and foreigners will make Thaipusam an extraordinary spectacle. Celebrations are also held in other states such as Penang and Johor.

Venue: Batu Caves, Selayang, Selangor
Phone: 603 6189 6284
Fax: 603 6187 2404
Email: batu_caves@yahoo.com
Website: http://www.journeymalaysia.com/MCUL_thaipusam.htm
Organiser: Persatuan Hindu Batu Caves, Selayang

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